Katherine A. Prakken, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist
Suffering from an eating disorder can be an extremely lonely experience. Many individuals with eating disorders feel out of control and tired of their all-consuming secret life. Even if you don't have a formal ED, a preoccupation with food, weight, appearance, or exercise can be overwhelming, and robs life of joy.

Dr. Prakken treats eating disorders with a multi-modal approach.  
Goal number one is to achieve abstinence from bulimia, restriction, bingeing, or over-exercise. 
Tools include mapping triggers, exploring the roots and function of the eating disorder, and teaching alternative skills. Restoration of normal eating is facilitated with mindful eating techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy.

What is different about working with Dr. Prakken?    
She is a therapist with 20+ years working in the eating disorder field who understands that EDs are complicated and that you don't want generic solutions. She helps craft creative and practical treatment approaches that actually work. 
Breaking self-destructive habits is hard. Having a therapist who is compassionate, curious, and willing to say the hard things, can make it easier.

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